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MSilence Twaron® Unicorn Tail

TWARON® Unicorn Hair is a speaker cabinet filler for acoustic damping purpose which is produced by Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung (TITK), Germany, exclusively for MUNDORF company, Germany.

Unicorn Hair is predominantly made from TWARON® fibres in form of user-friendly fibres strings of extreme thinness. Its long fibres support especially well the absorbtion and damping of the lower audio frequency range (<1 kHz) in subwoofers and long transmission line tube-cabinets. Due to the resulting audible differences, today TWARON® Unicorn Hair is an essential "must" for many well-known developers and manufacturers of high-end speakers.

For loudspeaker application the extremely thin TWARON® fibres are combed and processed into an extremely dense so-called Horsetail Hair we named TWARON® Unicorn Hair. In contrast to other plastic fibres, TWARON® conducts heat generated vibrations away very well, which means that it absorbs motion energy in an entirely different manner than conventional materials used for damping purpose. Owing to the endless fibres strings used in TWARON® Unicorn Hair, the effective functional frequency-range is lower in comparison with the TWARON® Angel Hair. It constitutes a significantly better alternative to the damping materials which are otherwise used in transmission line systems. In short, TWARON® Unicorn Hair results in a very direct and tight bass reproduction in (sub-) bass cabinets, and in transmission-line tubes. The low-frequency resonances are attenuated so efficiently that an extremely deep and clean bass reproduction "like by itself" is achieved.