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About us

At that time...

.. in 1985 the Mundorf company offered high-quality crossover components for hi-fi enthusiasts (of which Raimund Mundorf is still one today) for the first time.

With these custom-made products, often produced according to specifications and in a complex manual process, many serious music lovers were able to significantly improve the playback quality of their loudspeakers. The occasion and equally the foundation for intensive product research that has continued to this day, constant further development and successful improvement of a wide variety of component technologies and manufacturing processes.

Thanks to their careful, complex production and consistently high product quality, the Mundorf company developed into one of the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the audio industry and "the" condenser specialist that is now recognized worldwide. Even more - the pursuit of quality combined with the love of music has also made us "professional" audiophiles over the years.

And so today we are proud to know that MCaps, foil coils and other high-quality Mundorf products are used in most of today's recognized best hi-fi loudspeakers and "state-of-the-art" amplifiers.


.. we manufacture at our headquarters in Cologne a series of high-quality NF and speaker cables for discerning music lovers.

We also produce crossovers according to manufacturer specifications from the best budget quality to audiophile extra class here, at competitive manufacturing costs and competitive prices.

Inner excellence.