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MCoil SGFC · Aircore SilverGold Foil PP

MCoil SFC silverfoil coils have been developed for uncompromising state-of-the-art audio applications focused on absolutely flawless and a holographic 3D-like performance at utmost dynamics providing a considerably increased range of vivid. subtle timbres and precision.

Their acoustic features unite the typical tonal beauty and authenticity of air core coils with the three-dimensional staging of a tightly cemented. microphonic-free reel alongside the outstanding tonal properties of silver foil in terms of multi-faceted and truly 'life-like' performance of voices and instruments.

MCoil SilverGold-Foil coils
However. the exceptional tonal quality of the SFC series can be further enhanced by adding 1% of the purest gold making it the SGFC series then.Price on request.