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New Website launched
New Website launched
Dear customers,

on April 30, 2020, just in time to meet the validity of our new price list from May 1, our new homepage went online. Designed as a modern communication tool, we shall use it to keep you updated with the latest relevant information and news.

Since its activation was foremost determined by the validity-date of the new price list, we occasially made compromises on other content - our focus was on creating stable structures, such as a new, very detailed selection filter for product search. Over the next few months, we will focus on revising and supplementing content such as product descriptions, photos and editorial articles.

This said, we also look forward to have your suggestions and requests! What information are you missing? What additional features would be nice to have, too? We'd also be more than happy to receive your hint on any existing lack of information or on any other error you might notice at feedback@mundorf.com.

During the gradual optimization of content, we are also working on integrating a B2B online portal for our commercial customers. This dealer and manufacturer portal shall gain significant time savings by its easy everyday ordering process. It will be available from the end of June.

Now, we hope you enjoy exploring our new website and do look forward to receiving your feedback.

Stay healthy! Your Mundorf team